Áron Gauder



District 8

- Director

Born in 1972 in Köszeg, Hungary, Aron Gauder graduated from MOME in 1999 specializing in Animation. After learning the basics of classical animation at university he then took up 3D animation within a studio framework at KGB studios. He has created special effects for such films as Hukkle, Taxidermia and Liza the Fox Fairy. In 2005, he and Erik Novak made The District! which won the Annecy Cristal for best feature. They worked together again on the international co-production Egill, a 3D Viking saga. In recent years, Aron has made a documentary series called Stone Axe Man and other documentary films such as The Bait. He has also made an animation series for television based on Native American folk tales called The Coyote.