Faton Mustafa




- Coordinator



Stopmotion Workshop 2019

- Project Leader

Faton Mustafa is a filmmaker and a journalist. He has worked for many NGOs such as Romawood, Rolling Film Festival and a great number of film workshops with Roma youth, Gaia SCI Kosovo, RomaRoads, Balkan Sunflowers and RADC; he participated in many social and education projects, as well as, the initiative for the empowerment of Roma communities, especially Youth in Kosovo and promoting voluntarism. From 2009 to 2011 he worked for Kosovo’s National TV (RTK)’s Roma programme “Yekhipe” compiling TV Report’s and working as cameraman, editor and journalist and made more than 40 TV reports on diverse topics related to Human Rights around Kosovo with a special focus on Roma people.
In 2015 Faton began working with Roma Versitas Kosovo (RVK) where he currently holds the position of PR (Public Relations) but also supports Roma youth by teaching them how they can promote Roma lives in the 21st century using today’s technology. While working with RVK he managed a project where youth were thought how to show their everyday life stories using only their phones and storytelling techniques.