Hüseyin Tabak



Gipsy Queen

- Director

HÜSEYIN TABAK was born on July 15, 1981 in Lemgo, Germany. After working on several film sets as an intern and assistant director he studied directing and scriptwriting at the Filmakademie in Vienna. His first short film CHEEESE went to over 70 international film festivals and won 16 awards. His feature films, A HORSE ON THE BALCONY (2012) and YOUR BEAUTY IS WORTH NOTHING (2012) were huge critical successes. Among many others, BEAUTY won the Austrian Film Award in four categories. His documentary THE LEGEND OF THE UGLY KING, about the Kurdish-Turkish director Yilmaz Güney is a big festival hit. His newest feature film, the drama GYPSY QUEEN, stars Alina Serban and Tobias Moretti.